Monday, 22 August 2011

Orlando Bloom's Mother Writes Children's Book For Butterfly Conservation

Orlando Bloom is supporting a new book written by his mother to encourage children to help save Britain’s endangered butterflies.

Photo: Crystal, The Small Miracle

Crystal, The Small Miracle is a children’s book written by Sonia Copeland Bloom to benefit the organization Butterfly Conservation. This is a unique story about the amazing journey of a tiny caterpillar as it battles for survival in a dangerous world. A captivating tale follows the life cycle of a butterfly as accurately as possible and is aimed at introducing young children (4 to 7 year-olds) to the wonders of the real world of butterflies and moths.

“I am delighted to back Butterfly Conservation and their efforts to ensure that these wonderful insects are conserved for future generations to enjoy,” said Orlando, while in New Zealand filming The Hobbit. “The story of Crystal, the Small Miracle, written by my mother for children everywhere, reflects her own love of butterflies as well as her passion for children to be educated about the insect world in general.”

The book also includes activity ideas for teachers and families, as well as tips on how to rear caterpillars and how to manage your garden to help these beautiful insects survive.

“The transformation of caterpillar to chrysalis and then butterfly is one of nature’s greatest miracles,” said Sonia. "After witnessing it myself, I wanted children everywhere to share this incredible experience.

“Too many adults do not appreciate insects and are unnecessarily scared of them and their children can be affected by this. Young children usually love little creatures – until they are put off them.”

“Sadly butterflies and moths are declining rapidly in the UK and around the world. They need our help like never before,” adds Dr Martin Warren, Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation. “I hope that Sonia’s appealing story can stimulate a love of butterflies that will inspire young people to care about their future. The world needs butterflies and butterflies need us to take care of that world.”

Find out more at Sonia’s personal website, or at the official Butterfly Conservation website.

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