Sunday, 7 August 2011

Q&A With UK Journalist Who Uncovered News Corp Scandal: Rupert Murdoch Likely To Outlast James Who's In "A Tight Corner", The Guardian's Nick Davies Says

post thumbnail James Murdoch could lose his job as News Corp's deputy COO or BSkyB's chairman as soon as this fall. That's the informed prediction of�The Guardian's Nick Davies�in an exclusive interview with me.�The journalism muckraker�says there's "every chance" that the Parliamentary committee investigating the News of the World phone-hacking and police-bribery scandal will conclude that James misled them about a key question in the case: Did James pay $1.4M in hush money in 2008 to a hacking victim who could have disclosed that NOTW's violations�were more extensive than the company publicly admitted? James says he didn't. But three former News International executives dispute his testimony. If Parliament decides James is�wrong, then "that's a severe development," says Davies. His predictions matter.�Because Davies�is the reporter who broke open the Murdoch scandal and has led the coverage at every turn. He's also writing a book�about the case, due in late 2012, called Hack Attack: How the Truth Caught up with the World's Most Powerful Man. On a visit to the U.S. this week looking for new dimensions to the story, he spoke to me about where things stand -- and where the tale could lead. DEADLINE: How high do you think the scandal will go? DAVIES: In terms of criminal charges at the moment there's no reason to think it will go higher. You've got to the level of Rebekah�Brooks, the former chief executive of News International -- ... Read More »


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