Friday, 22 July 2011

Jamie Lee Curtis Dishes The DIRT!

Written by Elizabeth Willoughby

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis narrates DIRT! The Movie, a call to action to get people reconnected to the natural world.

The film aims to show not only that mankind needs healthy dirt in order to survive, but experts and visionaries demonstrate how the damage that humans have already ravaged on the earth can be repaired ? in ten years if we start replanting now.

“We depend on dirt to purify and heal the systems that sustain us,” says Curtis, but due to industrial farming, 25 percent of greenhouse gases are coming from what we’re doing to the soil, deadly conflicts over fertile soil are taking place, and flood, drought, climate change and war can all be directly linked to how we treat dirt, the film claims. Dirt influences the environment, economics, community and politics.

But there is hope, and the film lays out various programs that are taking place and what more can and should be done.

DIRT! has won awards at various film festivals. To watch a trailer and find a current screening to attend, go to

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